About us

We, Volunteer International Adventures, are a small personal hands-on volunteer organisation with 15 years experience of offering volunteer adventures with volunteers, gappers and career breakers in wildlife and youth projects. It is something we are very passionate about - assisting where there is a need. We believe in responsible volunteer holiday experiences and offer as inclusive an experience as possible so that you can focus on assisting on your chosen project bringing much needed hands-on help while immersing yourself in local cultures for long-lasting memories. Our local staff on the ground will make sure you get the most out of your time in your chosen destination while prioritising your safety and keeping you well-informed.

Animal and Wildlife projects

Animal Sanctuaries, Endangered Species monitoring, Monkey Rescue, ethical Big Cat Sanctuaries, Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Marine Conservation in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Youth and Community projects

Teaching, Sports Coaching, Art Therapy, Drama, Music, Safe Houses, Social Work, Counselling and Youth Development in South Africa

Veterinary Medicine Projects

Veterinary Medicine projects from wildlife to livestock to domestic animals in South Africa and Zanzibar

Volunteer Testimonials

Feedback from volunteers
Jan from Israel

Jan from Israel

Animal Sanctuary May 2023

“I recently embarked on a truly transformative journey by volunteering at the Animal Sanctuary in South Africa. Through Volunteer International Adventures, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a truly remarkable and meaningful experience. From the moment I arrived, I knew that this adventure would leave an indelible mark on my life. The sanctuary itself was a haven of compassion and conservation nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa. The staff and fellow volunteers welcomed me with open arms, creating an inclusive and supportive environment. They were not only passionate about their mission but also genuinely committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the animals under their care. Throughout my time at the sanctuary, I had the privilege of working alongside dedicated professionals who possessed a wealth of knowledge about wildlife conservation. They were always ready to share their expertise and patiently guided me through various tasks, ensuring that I felt comfortable and confident in my responsibilities. From feeding and caring for the animals to participating in educational programs, every moment was a unique opportunity for personal growth and learning. In addition, I must highlight the incredible experience I had with the other volunteers, which Added even more value to my journey. Together, we learned how to work as a cohesive team, offering mutual support and cooperation in every task. We enjoyed memorable moments of teamwork, and deep friendships and lasting connections were formed. This experience provided an opportunity for us to create bonds that will endure beyond our time at the sanctuary. In conclusion, my journey as a volunteer at the Animal Sanctuary was truly a life-changing experience. The sanctuary itself, the dedicated staff, and the amazing fellow volunteers all contributed to making it an unforgettable and meaningful adventure. This opportunity not only allowed me to contribute to a worthy cause but also provided me with personal growth, cultural exchange, and friendships that will endure a lifetime”

Daniel from Germany

Daniel from Germany

Big Cats Sanctuary on a Wildlife Reserve November 2022

Thanks for your organizing and support during my trip. I can highly recommend this place for people who allow themselves to experience African nature on its own, who are able to accept unusual circumstances cause if they deal with it they can see the real beauty behind it. Every day of those 11 weeks was different, beside the essentials of taking care feeding etc there was nothing repetitive in a meaning that you got upset or annoyed about what needs to be done and for me being so long there that work environment relationship went after 2 weeks into a familiar friendship environment where it was possible to share your own ideas about facing problems and creativity when it came to enrichment. Highly recommended

Emily from the United Kingdom

Emily from the United Kingdom

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Veterinary Experience September 2022

"Amazing animals& surroundings. Followed by knowledgeable staff who help you implicate skills in rehab and the awareness side. As a recent vet nurse graduate, they allowed me to use my skills but also expand such as handling baby birds, gannet and so many more. Upon which I learnt about the important of Wildlife management in the rehab centre and awareness centre"

Rachel and Shirli from Belgium

Rachel and Shirli from Belgium

Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation volunteer project February 2022

"When we had to drive away: early in the morning, as we were driving up the road, we could see the whole farm and the animals, Shirli had tears in her eyes from saying goodbye to Kapish, her favorite horse. We knew we had made great friends, supported a great cause and that we had to come back"

Keerthani from Dubai

Keerthani from Dubai

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Veterinary Experience February 2022

"After a few days, I was doing most of the afternoon feeds myself, except the lions and the cheetah boys, and not only was it a great way to get to know and spend time with the animals, but it gave the keepers a break since most of the late morning and early afternoons could be back to back tours for them. I had an amazing two weeks building lifelong memories and experiences that were really once in a lifetime. I also got the chance to meet some really wonderful people and incredible animals. It also made me sign up for another experience that is more in the African bush and I am so excited for it"

youth volunteer

Becci from England

Youth Development and Social Work Project September 2021

"The best decision I ever made! It was a very tough place to leave and I can't wait to return! If you are looking for a life changing, exciting and rewarding experience, this is the project for you. Volunteer International Adventures are a great company to go with and make everything so easy!"

Gabriella from Scotland

Gabriella from Scotland

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Veterinary Experience August 2021

It was incredible to be working with people who have the same passion and commitment to conservation as I do, allowing us to learn from each other and share our experiences.

Jael from Switzerland

Jael from Switzerland

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Veterinary Experience May 2022

"I am so flashed about what I experienced! It was a life changing experience and I would do it every time again! From A-Z everything was just amazing! 👍🏻The organisation is super! Working with wildlife was very interesting and I recommend it to everybody!"

Madison and Alyssa from Canada

Madison and Alyssa from Canada

Animal Sanctuary volunteers. Feedback from Lynne, Madison's mother July 2021

“I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did helping organizing this trip. The ladies had an amazing time. They have started their trek home! Hopefully Madison and I will be back next year 😊 “

Fenna from The Netherlands

Animal Sanctuary volunteer project July 2022

"I had a absolute fantastic time, it was probably the greatest 2 weeks of my life, Taking care of the animals, forming this close band to the other volunteers was amazing. I was surprised on how well the volunteers are taken care off, I naver had the idea that I worked too much or too hard, the off time was quite a lot, The food was amazing and anything you wanted help with they where willing to help me. I was touched by how well the animals where taken care off and how much genuin love the managers had for the animals, this is their mission. It was an honour to help in that mission for 2 weeks. Next time I will come 2 months and thats a promis. I was there with my 15 year old sun and he also had a blast. Thank you!"

Jake from Canada

Teaching volunteer

"My time volunteering in Knysna, South Africa was a formative one - one of those experiences that you carry with you for the rest of your life. Sharon was an integral part of that journey, making you feel comfortable and well equipped from day 1. Her warmth and welcoming nature is apparent from the moment you meet her and she truly wants the best for her volunteers. Anyone considering a volunteer trip should reach out to Sharon immediately. Love from Canada!"

Joanne from Australia

Wildlife Rehabilitation volunteer

"Where would travellers be without such a wonderful volunteer placement organisation? Having been to Africa as a volunteer with Sharon supporting me.... I felt so safe and supported. I wouldn't trust anyone else to make my trip so memorable knowing everything was taken care of. Cheers to Sharon"

Nicole from England

Teaching volunteer

“Spending time in Knysna was amazing. Its such a stunning place, and I was so sad to leave. There was always lots to do and never a dull moment. I had such a wonderful experience volunteering and it boosted my confidence no end. I would recommend visiting Knysna to everyone and anyone ❤️

Mike from Scotland

Couples volunteering

"After my wife and I retired we spent some time volunteering in Knysna. We were on two different projects and Sharon was the Manager for both of them. She ensured that we got the most out of our time in SA and that we delivered as much as we could to our respective projects. Nothing was too much trouble for her and everything was done with a smile. Thanks to her we never felt unsafe and made many friends - several of whom we still keep in touch with. Our time in Knysna is something we’ll never forget and a great deal of the credit for that has to go to Sharon's organisational skills and her network of friends and contacts. We would highly recommend Sharon to anyone considering volunteering.”

Liz from England

Volunteering at a creche

"I travelled to South Africa about 3 years ago and volunteered at a crèche in Knysna. Sharon from Volunteer International Adventures was absolutely wonderful at not only looking after the volunteers but always ensuring we were enjoying and getting the most out of the experience. I had the most amazing and unforgettable time not only working with the beautiful children but exploring this beautiful country with Sharon recommending places to see that i would probably have not discovered myself. I would highly recommend contacting Sharon as I’m sure that, like me, you’ll have wonderful experience in South Africa"

Mark from Wales

School group volunteer trips

"I took two school trips to Knysna as an opportunity for pupils to gain life experiences and learn about other cultures. The trips were a huge success and this was definitely down to the help of Sharon. Her involvement in the Knysna community is incredible. She genuinely cares about her community and as a result creates opportunities for those visiting to see the best of this beautiful part of the world.

Without a doubt, Sharon's hard work and enthusiasm for her job made this trip what it was. As someone who was responsible for 23 pupils under 16 I felt extremely comfortable and confident with Sharon there. No stone is left unturned to give you an amazing chance to experience something special"

Haley from the USA

Sports development volunteer

"When I went to Knysna, I was really unsure of what to expect. I'd never traveled alone that far or crossed the Atlantic for that matter. After a combined 40 hours of travel, Sharon found me (a bit wide eyed and overwhelmed) in the airport quite easily, and was even comfortable enough to be around that I fell asleep in the van on the way. She's very knowledgeable about the area, and genuinely wants her volunteers to have the best experience possible. While I was there, whenever we went somewhere she made sure we had the local experience. If there was something the place was known for, it was recommended. If there was someone she knew, we were introduced and were able to interact with people and they treated us as if we had been friends for ages. Other people in town were always friendly, there was always plenty to do on your day off. Whether it be dinner on the waterfront, an afternoon hike, or even a morning walking around the shops; there is a bit of everything. The nearby Saturday Markets, game reserve, and elephant park were all wonderful additions to my trip. Cannot wait to return!"