Are you studying Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Nursing or qualified in any Veterinary Medicine field and are looking for more practical experience? Choose between a variety of Veterinary Medicine volunteer projects in South Africa or Zanzibar.

Our Veterinary Medicine volunteer projects revolve around the field of veterinary medicine, providing exceptional opportunities for individuals interested in veterinary studies, current students in the field, and qualified professionals dedicated to making a substantial difference in the lives of rescued, injured, and ill animals. Our efforts span a diverse array of animals, from beloved domestic pets to essential livestock and captivating wildlife.

We welcome veterinary doctors, nurses, and technicians, to collaborate with the proficient local team members in their duties. Your expertise and contribution would greatly enhance our on-ground operations.

veterinary medicine volunteer

South Africa: Veterinary Medicine Skills Experience

Are you studying veterinary medicine, nursing, or technology? We offer a unique opportunity for qualified students and professionals. Enhance your practical experience while supporting animals from disadvantaged communities and collaborating with a busy veterinary doctor serving low-income pet owners and rescued animals at an animal welfare facility. Alternatively, assist a team of seasoned professionals gaining hands-on experience with a diverse variety of animals. Or do both. Read more…

South Africa: Wildlife Capture and Veterinary

Our Wildlife Capture and Veterinary volunteer programme in KwaZulu-Natal province has been meticulously crafted by a Wildlife Veterinarian and Game Capture operator and offers an immersive experience in veterinary medicine and conservation, encompassing everything from A to Z on wildlife capture. Read more…

giraffe relocation
Wildlife ehabilitation volunteer project

South Africa: Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Clinic
This project gives you the opportunity to volunteer with an amazing team of experts that are dedicated to giving sick, injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance. Assist the team with feeding and caring for its wildlife inhabitants on a daily basis until they are well or mature enough to be released to survive in their natural environment, free in the wild. Read more…

South Africa: Wildlife Veterinary Medicine and Rehabilitation

Wildlife Veterinary Medicine and Rehabilitation is a specialised field, and this will give you the chance to experience both. Assist a top wildlife veterinarian and an experienced wildlife rehabilitation team in their daily duties treating rescued indigenous wildlife. The perfect project for veterinary medicine students and professionals. Read more…

Wildlife veterinary volunteer
Zanzibar veterinary medicine volunteer project

Zanzibar: Animal Welfare and Veterinary Medicine

Experience an Animal Welfare and Veterinary Medicine assisting animal rescuers and local veterinarians with animal care, veterinary medical treatment, outreach clinics and education on animal husbandry. Help hands-on with the welfare and health care of the lives of domestic animals, livestock and even the occasional monkey and bird. Read more…

For those pursuing university credits and seeking endorsement from a veterinary doctor for practical involvement, select projects within our veterinary medicine portfolio can facilitate this process. These projects feature certified veterinary doctors, nurses, or experts on-site, providing you with the opportunity to offer substantial assistance while earning the practical credits necessary for your studies. Given the limited availability of these specialized projects, we recommend that volunteers book early to secure their preferred dates and projects.

Your unwavering commitment ensures a meaningful and enduring impact on the ongoing work conducted within our projects, furthering the cause of animal welfare and veterinary care.

For more information or to book, please use the contact form or email us at