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Project2 week costOptional week
South Africa
Animal Sanctuary£720£320 
Big Cat Sanctuary£850£380
Ethical Predator Sanctuary£1250£475
Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation £680£250
Endangered Wildlife Monitoring & Conservation£1400£900 (2 weeks)
Monkey Rescue & Rehabilitation£858£286
Lion Sanctuary in Limpopo£700£250
Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Clinic£680£300 
Veterinary Medicine Skills Experience£950£350 
Wolves, Wolf Dogs and Husky Sanctuary£1150£400 
Marine Conservation with Sharks, Whales, and Penguins£1300£400 
Wildlife Veterinary Medicine and Rehabilition £1150£480
Counselling and Social Work Skills Experience£1650 (4 weeks)£350
Teach at Schools in disadvantaged communities£950 £350 
Children’s Safe House in the township £950 £350 
Sports Development Experience£950 £350 
Youth Development and Social Work£1100 £350 
Animal Welfare and Veterinary Medicine Skills£500 (1 week)£400
HealthCare£1430 (4 weeks) £280
Teach at Creches and Schools£1050 (3 weeks) £280
Wildlife with Horses£1830Please email for extra weeks