Volunteering with Youth and Community volunteer projects is a rewarding and enriching experience that has the power to create a lasting impact. Whether it involves mentoring, teaching, organizing sports activities, offering support in social work or helping with workshops to uplift men and women, engaging with youth and adults can be incredibly fulfilling.

Working with children especially through volunteer initiatives, provides an opportunity to shape young minds positively. It allows volunteers to impart valuable knowledge, skills, and life lessons while also learning from the unique perspectives and energy that children bring. Teaching them essential life skills, fostering creativity, and encouraging curiosity can significantly contribute to their personal growth and development.

Volunteering with Youth and Community volunteer projects is a powerful avenue for positive change. It not only benefits the youth and adults of the community but also enriches the lives of the volunteers involved, contributing to a more compassionate and resilient society.

Counselling and Social Work
Volunteer with community upliftment with trained professionals who provide Counselling services, training and workshops to those in need of support with parenting, women and men’s programs. This project for those studying or qualified in related fields to gain practical experience and share skills. Read more…

Youth and Community volunteer projects
Youth and Community volunteer projects

Safe House Kids

Volunteer at a children’s safe house. School holidays are about care, assisting, entertaining and keeping the kids safe and stimulated while school terms are for home schooling and afternoon fun. Assist the house mothers in caring for the children and giving them a warm and loving environment building up their self-confidence. Read more…

Sports Experience
This is the perfect project for the sports enthusiasts! Get involved with creches, schools and community outreach programs coaching sports such as soccer, tag rugby, golf, cricket, hockey, bowls, cycling and general Physical Education and at the same time learn more about sports administration in the NPO sector in the beautiful coastal town of Knysna. Read more…

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Teach at Schools in South Africa
Volunteer with teaching foundation phase little ones in creches, English, Physical Education, Music, Drama, Dance, Sciences, Mathematics, History, Geography, Computer skills and more at township primary and high schools.
Read more…

Youth Development and Social Work
Join a team of caring childcare and social workers at a centre for youth at risk. The main aim is to assist and support the social worker and auxiliary social worker in their daily programs with the youth, heal family relations and an end goal of placing youth back into schools. This project can be done for practical credit for Social Work students. Read more…

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Youth and Community volunteer projects

Teach at creches and schools in Zanzibar Our favourite tropical island paradise! Help teach learners in subjects like English, French, Arabic, Mathematics, Sciences, Geography and more assisting host teachers in schools on the outskirts of the Unesco World Heritage site of Stone Town. Read more…

The impact of volunteering with youth and adults extends far beyond immediate results. It helps in building a stronger, more cohesive society by nurturing the next generation and instilling values of kindness, cooperation, and civic responsibility. Furthermore, it often leaves a lasting impression on volunteers themselves, fostering a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and a deeper connection to the world around them.

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