Are you studying Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Nursing or qualified in any Veterinary Medicine field and are looking for more practical experience? Choose between a variety of Veterinary Medicine volunteer projects in South Africa or Zanzibar.

These volunteer projects center around the field of veterinary medicine and present excellent opportunities for individuals with an interest in veterinary studies, ongoing students in the field, and qualified professionals aiming to make a meaningful impact on the lives of rescued, injured, and ill animals. These efforts encompass a wide spectrum of animals, ranging from domestic pets to livestock and even wildlife.

We welcome veterinary doctors, nurses, and technicians, to collaborate with the proficient local team members in their duties. Your expertise and contribution would greatly enhance our on-ground operations.

For those pursuing university credits and requiring endorsement from a veterinary doctor for practical involvement, certain of our veterinary medicine volunteer projects within our portfolio can facilitate this. Select veterinary medicine projects have certified veterinary doctors, nurses, or experts available on-site, offering you the chance to provide valuable assistance and get the practical credits you need for your studies. Considering we have limited availability in these specialised projects; we do recommend volunteers book early to secure their dates on their chosen project.

Your commitment ensures a meaningful experience and lasting impact for the ongoing work being undertaken on our projects.

or email us on for more information on our veterinary medicine volunteer projects. Please be aware that it is possible to gain practical credits for your studies too.

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