Howdy! Hola!

Our volunteer project in the United States is in the state of Florida an hour from the city of Orlando. Volunteers need to fly into Orlando International Airport.

Orlando itself is a fun-filled city known for its theme parks with the most famous being Walt Disney World. It is also home to the Orlando Museum of Art, the Museum of American Art, Madam Tussauds and the Orlando Science Centre amongst other things. It is a wonderfully hospitable city with parks and lakes- definitely worth a visit!

Our volunteer project in America is with wild Mustang horse rescue and rehabilitation in Florida

woman riding horse along sea holding american flag

Facts about the USA

Population: Over 329.5 million (2020)

Capital: Washington DC is the capital city of the USA but without a doubt New York City ranks as the most competitive city

Languages: The two most spoken languages in the United States are English and Spanish 

Climate: The overall climate of the USA is temperate with exceptions like the artic  climate in Alaska in the north and the tropical warm and rainy climate in Florida on the Atlantic coast. California on the Pacific coast has a mild and Mediterranean climate with higher temperatures inland towards the deserts and mountains.  The Great Plains are dry, flat and grassy turning into arid desert as you go far West. The southern states are normally warm all year round

Currency: United States Dollar ($)